Dale Howard’s two-track EP releases on 10th May on Resonance Records.  This is a label with superb psycho cartoon artwork sometimes a little reminiscent of a Nagel, based out of Manchester & London, UK.  This week’s EP release includes “Voices” starting with a strong Tech House marching beat, kicking into insane levels of tidal wave bass, and graduating into rounds of circular cymbalism. “Funkbuster” operates mostly as an add on, with hyper speed chopped up vocal samples, a bit more minimal, to be weaved into a long set.

Following on from the exquisite Dale Howard releases in February and March on Toolroom Records, most notably a delicious palate swirler; the digi-electronica notes and power female voice anthemic track, “Hypnotised“,  should merit a revisit.  Its radio friendliness is absolute. This track should continue to gain play throughout this year with good longevity.  Also not to be missed is a superbly slick choice cut “Deaf Ears released in this period which has the signature deep house constructive synth tied with echoey shouts on the Armada Subjekt label.

Howard has history with Resonance Records having done a bass-centric remix of Deeper Purpose “Roll Up” released in 2013. He has a pretty solid following and being in music industry following is very important we know. So as a valuable tip you can buy Twitch followers online too and make your own brand like Dale Howard.