The beauty of making music is that you never stop learning!

Over the years I have become pretty intuitive in the way I arrange my tracks, looking at a Tune in Ableton`s session view, using the common 8 bar build up and 16 bar transitions idea, I can tell exactly when to intro and outro my tune, when to bring in the bass, when to put in the breaks etc.
Ask Beethoven, he was deaf for the last 10 years of his life but used math and arrangement to make his kicking Symphonies.
I can actually see, in session view, where I want to put everything without even listening to what Im doing.

Some might say this is a good structure to apply to you all projects, some might say this hampers your creative flow.
For me, as Ive become more reliant on Ableton Push to create my tracks, Ive had to Re-learn arrangement to the point where I know it off by heart, because I no longer use a computer monitor to see where Im at, wich is nuts, because it means my concentration levels are off the charts.

I decided to do some research in to Tune arrangement to refresh my approach towards it and found this pretty awesome article on that has plenty of excellent tips to bear in mind when deconstructing your loop into a full tune.

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