LANDR is a web site I came across recently that allows you to upload your finished track for automatic mastering.
I’m in two minds about it.
First its great for bedroom producers who want to have their tune beefed up and put on to Soundcloud for free download, hassle free.Mastering fees can be very expensive and if your not going to sell your tune then this is a great free alternative.

However, I dont see how it can be any different to the hundreds of “mastering” plug-ins available.
If I was to release a track with a label or if if the tune was going to be pressed to vinyl or just a make or break tune, then I think a mastering engineer would be more appropriate.
Every track is different and needs to be mastered accordingly, otherwise we would all just grab a mastering plug-in and be done with.

I do think this is one to keep an eye on though, as I’m sure the technology can only get better and who knows, maybe in the future you can get a track mastered on the same day that you bounce it.

LANDR: Instant Online Audio & Music Mastering Software