When it comes to making music, being efficient is key to getting your ideas out of your head and into your DAW as quickly as possible.
One of the key ways to achieving this is through spending some time creating templates within in your preferred Software, so that when an idea hits you, You can open your DAW and start “jamming” instead of sitting there with your mouse building everything from scratch.

This is a video tutorial Ive refereed back to several times whilst building templates within Ableton.It allows you to have 128 drum samples per cell within a Simpler instrument.Mapping midi to a controller knob allows you to sift through each cells` 128 samples until you reach your preferd sound.
I have used this tutorial to build 4 templates, Deep House, Jackin House, a 909 and a drum rack partnering an MPC styled layout on Ableton Push.Everything is already side-chained compressed and I have added effects, mainly Pitch and Decay, to each drum sample clip within Ableton.

It sounds a bit much at First but watch the video a couple of times and you’ll never look back, it could possibly be the last drum rack youll ever build!