Livestreamed news refers to live videos streams of television news which are provided via streaming television or via streaming media by various television networks and television news outlets, from various countries. The majority of live news streams are produced as world news broadcasts, by major television networks, or by major news channels; however, there are some live news streams which are produced by individual local television channels as well.

A live news stream is distinct from news broadcasts that are transmitted via conventional broadcast television; since it is not transmitted via cable television services, and not via over-the-air television. These are provided through Smart TV, or else through the networks’ own websites, or also possibly via internet television, especially YouTube, or via video on demand services, subscription video on demand websites such as e.g. Hulu, mobile apps, or digital media players that are designed to play streaming television, such as e.g. the Roku media player.

For some twenty-four-hour news channels, the content being shown via its streaming news service, and via its broadcast television channels, may be identical; however, for regular commercial networks, the content of the streaming news may be quite different than what is being broadcast; i.e. the broadcast channels may regularly carry standard television entertainment, while the streaming service is devoted to news only. One example of this is the American broadcaster ABC Television Network, and its streaming online ABC News Live service.

Here is a recording of this weeks show live off Ustream.
Two hours of great Deep House toons.

Tune in.