Godere – To enjoy life.

Join us on Saturday the 3rd of July for a new night, with a great vibe and excellent music.
At Godere you will judge the DJ, making sure the dance floor never stops grooving.

Excellent House music supplied by

Jason Toner
Mitchell Walter &
Soul T Nuts

M ï¿¥2500 W ï¿¥2000 at door w/a free glass of champagne.
Sign up on facebook and get ï¿¥500 off!

soultnuts @ godere, ultra lounge tokyo


男性 ¥2500円 女性 ¥2000円 でシャンパン1杯フリー
参加表明で男性 2000円 女性1500円!


soultnuts @ Godmere, ultra lounge, tokyo